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Samos Island

Samos is an island with unique natural beauties such as green mountains and wonderful beaches. It is situated in East Aegean Sea, right across the shores of Minor Asia.

  The most useful image that remains on your mind if you visit it is the endless vineyards, the olive trees and the crystal blue beaches that you will meat anywhere around the island. Samos' tourist infrastructures satisfy all demands. Wonderful well organized beaches, modern and traditional hotel units, complexes in Vathi, Karlovasi, Kokkari, Pythagorio, Marathokampos, as and all around the island, create the best conditions in order to have an unforgettable holiday. As for entertainment, options vary and, in combination to the culture of the island, leave visitors with a sweet taste.

  Moreover is an island with age-long history.During ancient times, Samos was an important cultural center. As it seems from the findings, in the island flourished an important civilization during the tyranny of Polykrates, around 550 BC. It was then that the famous temple of Hera and Efpalinio Orygma, the ancient aqueduct, were built.

  One of the most famous philosophers and mathematicians of ancient times, Pythagoras, lived in Samos. The astronomer Aristarchos and philosopher Epikouros also came from this Aegean island.